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Inchindown fuel depot

Copyright Mike Ross / http://www.corestore.orgA 4 mile pipeline, complete with electrical heating along its length, hundreds of yards of underground tunnels, and 6 tanks with capacities of up to 5.6 million gallons – each!

The pipeline had to be heated, since the fuel oil it carried, known as ‘furnace fuel oil’, was only one step away from raw crude oil and more like tar than oil. In the cold of Scotland, it would just have sat in the pipes and never moved had it been allowed to get cold. Even at room temperature, it was in no hurry to go anywhere.

Part of a little known World War II anti-blockade plan, we now have a page on the Inchindown Fuel Depot, in the north east of Scotland.

The depot, and a number of related features, can still be found, and we have details of the these, and links to related sites, information and pics.

In 2014, it became the site of a World record echo heard in Inchindown fuel depot tank


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