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August roundup

Replica Comet on the Clyde

Replica Comet on the Clyde

August has been an odd month, as the continuing desire to work through the Big List of Cold War (and related) Sites means there doesn’t have to be much thought about hunting down potential content. While that’s a plus in terms of effort, it does produced an undesirable side-effect, namely the discovery of items that merit a page, but that you don’t really want to divert from the current task to go and deal with. This is doubly dangerous, as the current task throws up new info and links which also demand additional research to confirm the odd revelation that they may contain, so even if not actively looking for goodies, they constantly ooze out out of the woodwork.

There was one significant item this month, which popped up while I as gluing together some info relating to RAF Arbroath, often passed, but never seen, although I did manage a couple of visits to the ROC post (it’s nearer the main road). I usually glue the info into a new, blank page, then work through for mistakes and duplications. In this case, one of the more alarming points that was contained in the info I dug up was the rather surprising claim from one source that Buccaneers were stationed there until 1971. Now, Buccaneers are neither small nor simple aircraft, and were actually operated as nuclear capable strike aircraft. No offence to RAF Arbroath, but the likelihood of Buccaneers being stationed there ranks somewhere along with flying saucers being operated as well. Apart from anything else, until a runway upgrade took place, Arbroath was considered rotary-wing operation only.

I had the RAF Arbroath page in Edit-mode for the whole day (so, I’m too lazy to hit Save), and when I did save it, found one of the regulars had dropped an Edit into the part completed page (for which my thanks) to the effect of the Buccaneer claim being a no-no. I didn’t disagree.

As for the source of this little gem about the ‘Arbroath Buccaneers’. Unusually, for a simple factual record, it was given in Wikipedia. I’m not being naughty in not correcting the entry myself, because I only have a belief that the claim is incorrect, not personal evidence. If it’s incorrect, or not, someone that knows better than me can correct, or endorse it. I only stand by what I’m comfortable with adding in here, after a reasonable verification with two or three alternative sources, and if it doesn’t sound too crazy. (It probably comes as no surprise to learn that this ‘interesting’ story later disappeared from the Arbroath page in Wikipedia, but this mention to its existence remains here for reference).

As always, the Recent Changes page will show what has changed, and when, so the August changes are listed there, and a quick look shows that there seems to have been a lot of updates to existing pages – must be where all the time went, as the inroads made into the remaining batch of Cold War goodies seems to be minimal. September might see them finished, but if the rest throw up as much new and unknown stuff as August did (that must have been the source of the updates), then I won’t be counting on it.

As a diversion, there’s a nice little addition in the story behind the Replica of the PS Comet, the first passenger vessel built in Europe. The Roundup pic shows her steaming on the Clyde in 1962, courtesy of a regular contributor. Additional pics appear on the given page.

Another link popped up to Glasgow’s log-running TV detective series Taggart, with the Timber Ponds at Langbank turning out to be the site of the mudflats where the body of DCI Mike Jardine was found, after he was murdered beneath a Glasgow railway bridge over the River Clyde. Looks like a potential series of entries if/when the Cold War entries start to lessen.


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