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September roundup

Frustrating end to a frustrating month – supposedly on broadband, access speed today has crawled down to dialup or worse. Hope it gets better itself, as all the hardware reports it’s running at full speed.

The host started to misbehave, just like its predecessor. Cleared up fairly quickly, so hopefully not a sign of things to come.

The Discussion Tab on the Main Site waved goodbye, then hello (in a revised form). The old style was redundant, and leading to lost data. Even though it notified the Admins if it was used, its use was so seldom and intermittent, the notification was lost in other messages genreated by the site software. There’s always the Contact Form for anyone that doesn’t want to use the the Tab’s link to the Forum.

Time seemed to be at a premium, with the latter part of the month seeing little new content, which is a nuisance as there are at least 35 items stacked up to be dealt with, but they are awkward, as each will generate up to four other pages, meaning the real number is closer to the hundred mark – and that’s without starting on any new suggestions. There also seemed to be a lot of fixing of links and minor tweaks to existing pages, so a look at the Recent Changes as reported by the link at the foot of each page is probably the best way to see if this affected anything you are interested in.

There was one small innovation added to the site, and it was inspired by the addition of the page introducing the revised Discussion Tab. Namely the addition of a five page trail link near the bottom of every page. Since it seemed only polite to offer anyone that had clicked on the Discussion Tab an easy way back to the page they had just left, this option now lists the five most recently visited pages on the site, making it easy to jump back to that page, or any of those last five pages visited if you suddenly remember you saw something interesting, but have forgotten which page it was on. The trail is restricted to the normal article pages within the site, so will not be seen on Special Pages such as the Home Page, Contents Page, or Contact Form.

Loch Long Torpedo Range

Loch Long torpedo ruin

Loch Long torpedo ruin

Sadly, we learnt of the destruction of a historic site that had managed to clock up over 100 years of existence, only to succumb to the twin vandalisms of mindless arson (surely) and demolition. The Loch Long Torpedo Range, which we featured recently with the story of the execution of Augusto Alfredo Roggen at the Tower of London in 1915, was spotted by one of our members, fenced off, burnt out, and being demolished.

Cloch Point and Battery

On a more positive note, although the info is still under preparation, there is a new addition to out page on Cloch Point and its Battery. Although not apparently recorded, and not identified on maps, we have confirmed the existence of at least two BOP or Battery Observation Posts lost in the woods to the south of the former coastal battery. During World War II, these would not have been surrounded by the woods that block their view today, and would have provided a commanding view of the Firth of Clyde, and its approach from the south.

So far, with no official information found, we’re having to guess about the buildings, their contents, and their function, but have determined that there was also an Artillery Headquarters established nearby, in the clubhouse of the Whinhill golf course to the east, so the two may be related. As there is so little information to be found, we’d be grateful if anyone who has any knowledge of the site could add a comment here, or in the Forum.


September 30, 2007 - Posted by | Appeal, Site News

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  1. This is really sad, many heritages sites are in the same situation. Thanks for share.


    Comment by Lilly S | November 8, 2007

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