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George Parsonage MBE

George Parsonage is viewed as a hero by many Glaswegians, and by those who owe their lives to both him and his family in days gone by.

Although he continued as as officer of The Glasgow Humane Society, he was forced to stand down from his rescue activities on the River Clyde some years ago, when that old favourite of the legal fraternity was dusted down and brought out for yet another airing, when he was told by the Police that they could no longer call on his services for Health & Safety reasons, as he normally operated alone, from his rowing boat, and operating alone meant that he had no backup if he himself was to get into trouble during a rescue. There was also a Government move at the same time, when the Fire Service became the Fire and Rescue Service, legally obliging it to carry out rescues.

At the time, the society was unable to afford another body to provide this backup, and the task of rescuing those in difficulty on/in the river has passed to the emergency services, as decreed. While they undoubtedly cover the majority of the area, the boathouse on Glasgow Green, George (and now also assistant) are still the place/people where anyone in the are of the Green turn to when an emergency arises, and they are still the first line when it comes to rendering assistance in their own area.

A small mention also for the society’s Ship’s Cats. Lucky Trainspotter joined in early 2007, and succeed Wee Tabix (the cereal killer), who was on board for 17 years. Both described as feral, so well able to look after themselves in Glasgow, especially if wandering around the Green!

The following video gives some insight into George Parsonage’s life and work:-

George Parsonage

A Life Saving Lives 


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  1. i work for north lanarkshire council based in strathclyde park i was part of a group that yourself and eddie took for a rope throwing course you made it light hearted but very interesting .watching your video made me realise the importance of your work i enjoyed your story in the sunday mail and would like to congratulate you on a much deserved m.b.e i hope you continue your job safely.


    Comment by andy walker | January 29, 2008

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