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Glen Kin Centre to close… ummm – Not!

Please Note: This post dates from 2008. The centre ‘s own web site was later updated with the following statement:

Our Future: After a period of uncertainty over  the future direction of the Centre and the Trust, we are glad to be able to look positively towards a much brighter future with bookings up and interest growing from both established and new clients.  We can confirm that the centre is no longer being offered for sale and we are fully committed to its future development.

See also our 2010 update: Business as usual at Glen Kin Centre

It seems the subject of closure of facilities is making more appearances than one might like, and this week saw the announcement for sale of the Glen Kin Outdoor Centre near Dunoon.

The centre dates back to 1978, when Glen Kin Farm was acquired by the Glen Kin Trust, and had the stated aim to “provide for young people a centre for outdoor recreation, occupation or other leisure activities where they may apply their practical skills and find comradeship and joy, all to the improvement of their conditions of life.” Since then, it has become a popular destination for school trips, and venue for Guide and Scout activities.

Able to sleep 24, with additional facilities for catering etc, the centre has seen a fall in numbers, with only three bookings recorded for this year. Increasing operational costs, combined with the seemingly endless onslaught of increasing Health & Safety demands, have led to reviews, and the final decision to sell.

Although the decision is sad, and has attracted negative criticism of the centre’s management – with regard to promotion, publicity and facilities – it seems that there is a general pattern developing, and those that are charged with managing such facilities are growing increasingly worried about litigation and claims made by those who attend them, with the upsurge in ambulance chasing organisations with finds to pursue them on behalf of clients, and act on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, meaning there is no reason not to raise an action, no matter how frivolous, as the only party that will suffer is the defender.

Like many such centres, it seems that Glen Kin was dependent on the goodwill of volunteers to maintain its operation, and that while improving the facilities and services offered might be covered by one-time grants, the ultimate result would be increased costs, which could prove to be unsustainable without additional resources or subsidies being available.

The trust’s chairman, Scott Bryson, said  “The aim is to sell the premises, continue the trust and set up a foundation through investment of the assets in a trust fund. The interest could provide support for travel, scholarships, courses, training, equipment and other facilities – this would enable groups and individuals to develop a wider range of skills and experience on a continuing basis.


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  1. Rumours of our demise are greatly exaggerated! We were indeed looking at closure a while back but the centre is up and running as normal and taking bookings from interested parties. We have just launched a new website at and welcome visitors to both the site and the centre itself.
    Please let your friends know that we are back in business again.


    Comment by J Kelly | October 17, 2010

  2. We are indeed going strongly at this time, and look forward to new and existing visitors to Glen Kin.


    Comment by David | October 18, 2010

  3. Really looking forward to our weekend at glenkin on 24/08/13 for two nights. It looks a great centre and scott and the people I have delt with for booking.couldn’t be nicer


    Comment by Robert murdoch | July 16, 2013

  4. We can assure you that we are looking forward to your visit in August, Robert. The centre is alive and kicking at the moment with no plans to close or sell and we are looking to increase our already-healthy customer base. Many of our customers are regular visitors.

    John Kelly (one of the nice people!)


    Comment by John Kelly | July 16, 2013

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