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Louis Vuitton rubbish

paper-carrier-bagI’ve never kept the utter contempt I hold either the producers of so-called Designer Label Items secret, or those that purchase and perpetuate them for that matter. One group consists of shameless profiteers, the others comprises rich fools known as celebrities (more money than sense), and poor fools trying to emulate them (less money than sense).

This story doesn’t seem to have percolated on the web yet, but this morning’s news told the tale of a Scottish bakery that has received a letter from Louis Vuitton threatening action if it does not cease and desist from from producing its latest creations, cakes in the style of handbags. Apparently LV (that could mean Luncheon Vouchers too) considers the the Scottish baker’s efforts look too much like its own product and considers them to be approaching the level of forgeries or copies.

Perhaps LV is frightened that someone will buy one of the cakes and one their handbags, and be unable to tell the difference.
What are the chances that LV bags are produced by child labour in a sweatshop for pennies, and sold on for thousands once the “official label” is attached?

I hope the baker ignores them and carries on…

After all, if they did ever take him to court, someone would probably eat the evidence long before it made to court!

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