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If it's secret, and in Scotland…


There’s an annual event that those familiar with the Isle of Bute look out for at this time of year, and that’s the arrival of the cygnets at the castle, offspring of the swans that live there.

This year’s been no exception, and the family went for a walk yesterday.

They came © Zak

They came © Zak

As always, we’re grateful to Zak for permission to use the occasional pic from his collections, which allows us to bring you these little gems.

Island life has its ups and downs, but this is definitely one of the ups – it doesn’t take much imagination to work what sort of reception the swan family would receive if it tried the same outing around one of the big towns on the mainland. The police would be out in force, police cars would be surrounding and herding them, animal services would be called out, cages would appear, and the whole lot would eventually be swept into them and carted away – to be relocated somewhere “safe”.

On Bute?

There's always one! © Zak

There's always one! © Zak

They go for a walk, wander about a bit, sit down in the road, and…

Everything carries on more or less as normal around them, then they go back home – all on their own.

They went © Zak

They went © Zak

Little wonder I think of selling up and moving every so often.


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  1. How adorable 🙂


    Comment by Chris | May 13, 2009

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