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Google Maps refined

In a classic example of Sod’s Law, no sooner do I air the thought that I seem to have missed any recent updates to the high resolution Google aerial view of my local area, than an update regarding Google Maps faithfully arrives on my desk moments after it has been announced.

This update relates to the appearance of detail in the various Google Map views, and how streets and similar details are shown. Much appears to have been done to refine how these appear on the maps and aerial views, with less obtrusive graphics being used, and finer detail being evident.

Google summarised the changes as follows:

Today’s changes are intended to keep the same information-rich map while making it easier to pick out the information that is most useful.  The changes affect both the ‘Map’ and ‘Hybrid’ styles, and include numerous refinements to color, density, typography, and road styling worldwide.  For example, in map view, local and arterial roads have been narrowed at medium zooms to improve legibility, and the overall colours have been optimized to be easier on the eye and conflict less with other things (such as traffic, transit lines and search results) that we overlay onto the map.  Hybrid roads have gained a crisp outline to make them easier to follow, and the overall look is now closer to an augmented satellite view instead of a simple overlay.

The old vs new view of the London area shown below gives a good idea of the subtle changes made, which work to give a clearer view of the desired area, and you can see more examples illustrating the old and new styles in Google’s more detailed account of the changes at Evolving the look of Google Maps

Google map style old and and new


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