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999.9 milesA few years ago, I realised that I had gone from a fairly active job which involved flitting around the country, to one which involved ‘Driving a Desk’. I didn’t notice it happening, but together with this change during the working day, changes at home meant unexpected responsibilities had tied me down there as well, and I was no longer free to wander around the country in  my own time either.

About the same time, during a visit to the doctor, not for me, but on someone else’s behalf, I was hijacked and had my blood pressure taken. While there was nothing wrong, the result still brought a response of “Hmm… it’s a bit high, but not enough to do anything about”. However, coupled with some other things I had noticed which signalled I was not as fit as I had been when I had been free to get out and about, meant I thought I was in danger of dropping dead one day.

Just around the same time, a range of exercise machines that simulated the movement of cross-country skiing appeared, amid tales that they were supposedly the fittest of the Olympic athletes. True or not, I didn’t know, but it did exercise arms and legs simultaneously, and gave a cardio workout. Since it was similar to the walking I used to do, and seemed less mind-numbing that a treadmill, this was what I eventually went for.

I soon found that its distance and speed measurement were relatively accurate, and worked to a plan of one mile per day (15-20 minutes) or an hour’s exercise every two or three days, which seemed to tie in with the ‘experts’ advice. I had expected to clock up 1,000 miles in less than three years, but it never happened, as fate stepped in, circumstances changed again, and I took up walking the streets, just to get a break from problems at home. Still, I was putting in the miles, just not getting the benefit of the outlay on the machine.

However, another inevitable change brought the machine out of the cupboard, and the return of an exercise schedule.

I was going to post when I passed 880 miles, which for me, is the round trip distance from my front door to one of my London haunts, and the one way trip is almost 6 hours dead, since the start and end of the trip lies next to the motorway. I found it amusing to reflect that I had walked the equivalent of this round trip.

When I noticed I was coming up on 1,000 miles a few days ago, I thought worth noting the event at 999.9 miles, since the odometer would only roll over to 0.0 and the moment would be lost.

Wonder if I’ll make the second 999.9 in 2.73 years, and still be blogging?

Probably not, since I walk to the shops at least twice a week, and that’s a four mile round trip, so spending more time walking on a machine seems like a waste of time on those days.


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