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Former Cold War Regional Government Headquarters in Crieff goes up for sale

The former purpose-built RGH (Regional Government Headquarters) was located in the grounds of a former Army camp at Cultybraggan, north of Stirling. The Army camp had been created from one of the most notorious PoW camps of World War II, which had housed so-called ‘Black’ or Category A Nazi prisoners, the most fanatical. At the end of the war, five of the inmates were hanged for the lynching of another, thought to have been a spy, or just not sufficiently zealous towards their cause.

After the war ended, the Army used the camp, and much of the surrounding area, for training purposes, with the Nissen huts serving as accommodation.

You can read more about Cultybraggan and its features, including an exploration of the bunker carried out back in 2000 (sadly, not by us), here: Secret Scotland – Cultybraggan

In 2007, a trust formed by members of the local community – the Comrie Development Trust – bought the entire camp from the MoD, including the RGHQ. Since then, it has been working to persuade business to come and open up in the area, as described in a recent business article, Companies urged to set up at former prisoner of war camp – Herald Scotland.

In October 2010, the trust launched a two-week long ‘investment fortnight’ in order to raise awareness of the site, and attract business to set up within the former PoW camp. At that time, the bunker was not part of the offer, but it was noted that Scottish Enterprise was supporting a feasibility study into converting the former nuclear bunker at the site into a data storage facility.

Companies urged to set up at former prisoner of war camp – Herald Scotland | Business | Corporate & SME

It’s worth noting that the bunker at Cultybraggan is not one of the massive underground facilities seen at some locations (such as Scotland’s Secret Bunker), buried deep and protected by reinforced concrete, plus numerous other less obvious layers to decouple it from surrounding explosions (though still not much help against a direct nuclear strike), but is of another standard construction, having two storeys, and only partially buried.

Cultybraggan RGH

Cultybraggan RGH entrance in 2009 © Bill Clark

Three months later, the bunker was placed on the market, with a suggested price of something in the order of £400,000. I guess that will either rocket upwards ff some data storage or ISP companies set their sights on the facility, or will lose a zero, and become a store, if no-one is interested. I found four tales related to the sale within the first few days, so am listing them in case any or all evaporate over time (well, I suspect the BBC’s will stay around):

BBC News – Crieff nuclear bunker goes up for sale

Luxury properties for sale: Scottish Cold War nuclear bunker – Country Life

Bomb-proof nuclear bunker goes up for sale in Scotland |

`End-of-World’ Threat Stirs Interest in Scottish Nuclear Bunker – Bloomberg


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