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John Hastie Museum – Strathaven – council closure announced

Sounding more like a traditional Glasgow City Council story – maybe South Lanarkshire Council has been looking around for inspiration – supporter’s are claiming that the council has no legal tight to close the John Hastie Museum because the building and land it stands on were a gift to the town, and have cited the terms of John Hasties’ bequest, within which the museum and park were given for “the free use, enjoyment and recreation, and to deposit his guns and all gear within a hall or house for the use and recreation of the inhabitants in the town of Strathaven.”

The council has approved the closure of the museum, which was opened in 1915, to make an annual saving of £20,000.

However, it has also given local groups and organisation a month to present alternative proposal for the building, issuing a statement:

“Although South Lanarkshire Council has approved the permanent closure of John Hastie Museum, it has been agreed that local organisations and groups are given time to produce proposals for alternative uses of the building.”

The council has said it doesn’t know how much it costs to run the museum, but that it knows it can make the £20,000 saving each year by closing it.

It also declined to provide a spokesperson to speak to STV, or allow the reporter to access the closed museum, and film inside.

The matter has been taken up by MSP Aileen Campbell, who just arrived in the post after winning the recent election. Speaking to STV News, the MSP said:

“There’s been no discussion or involvement with the community, so obviously I want to help the group who are concerned about this and help reverse this decision in some way, or at least have the council re-examine it.”

A local campaigner, Bob Currie, said:

“They’ve trodden over the people of Strathaven with their actions. It would be a loss culturally, historically, socially, educationally.”

MSP calls for rethink on Strathaven museum closure | Glasgow and West | STV News

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