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Midge menace survives mild November of 2011

Crazy midge

I’ve already commented on the ability of the deadly Scottish midge to survive the cold: Scottish midge proves to be a wee hard man

Now it looks as if the little unmentiontionable might never go away, if Climate Change and Global Warming sees off our chilly autumn, winter and spring, and Scotland gets even wetter, which is what the experts suggest, and would make our climate even better for breeding…

A (sic) expert on midges has said the tiny blood-sucking insects have been biting in November for the first time since monitoring began seven years ago.

Dr Alison Blackwell, who runs the Scottish Midge Forecast Service, said there were usually a couple of midges recorded in November.

But she said it was “very unusual” for them to be active at this time of year.

Dr Blackwell said there been no cold spell to “knock the last surviving midges of the summer on the head”.

She said: “They will lurk around while it is still warm enough for them to fly and take a blood meal but as soon as we get a couple of hard frosts that will be the end of them.

via BBC News – Midge bites in November ‘unusual’.


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