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Bling dummies could kill babies

Stupid bling kid

It probably won’t surprise my regular readers to learn that my opinion of anyone impressed by, or who would be seen in public with ‘bling’, is that their knuckles probably drag along the ground as well.

Fair enough if you want to demonstrate a single digit IQ to the rest of the world, but  now it looks as if this affliction is putting lives at risk, and worse still, these are babies’ lives, and the danger appears to originate in our own Scottish Shetlands:

Parents are being warned against using “bling dummies” being manufactured in Shetland which could be dangerous for babies.

A growing craze for decorated dummies means more and more are being created on the Scottish island and sold locally, with others available on the internet.

Local trading standards officers are warning that the altered products could pose a serious choking risk for babies and young children.

David Marsh, trading standards service manager, said: “Do not be tempted to give a bling dummy to a baby this Christmas.

“If your baby receives one in a present, do not allow them to use it. And if you’ve got a business idea, do get in touch with us so that we can help you to get things right and avoid problems later on.”

via Parents warned of danger of ‘bling dummies’ | Aberdeen and North | STV News.

Although the problem is charitably described as possibly resulting from those producing the products not realising how serious their actions are, this does not lessen the dangers to those who have been enticed by the sparkle.

The dummies are decorated with plastic and crystal gems, glued onto standard dummies, or pacifiers.

The problem is that there is currently no standard for such things, and dummies come with advice to place them in boiling water for five minutes before they are used.

With no control over the glue or fixings used to hold the after-market decorations in place, there is no way to be sure that boiling these decorated dummies will not soften and weaken the glue holding them in place, meaning there is a risk they could come loose, or become completely detached, and be inhaled, blocking the child’s airway, or ending up lodged in their lungs.

The potential consequences need no further description.


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