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Abandoned Christmas

It’s a funny thing I had not noticed until recently, but some people seem to want to get Christmas over and done with as fast as possible, presumably to move onto something else they can use to provide some sort of public display with.

Although I didn’t consciously notice – or take many pics unfortunately – I’ve come to notice that there are often carelessly discarded items of Christmasy ephemera to be found lying around verges, behind hedges, or around bins. It seems that few people hang on to anything to re-use it next year. Perhaps they think it will show they cannot afford something new every years, or are just mean.

Then again, maybe it’s just evidence of some kid dropping something, not being noticed by the grown-ups while out for a walk, and unaware that when they get home and realise that something has been lost, will have a little kid crying a river because the last thing they got attached to has gone, and they don’t know why.

This year’s find was just lying by the roadside, all on its own, but still smiling (on the outside, at least).

Christmas 2011


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