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Daylight savings bid fails to pass House of Commons

Crazy clockAs expected, the bill to allow a three-year trial into the actual – as opposed to imagined – effect of changing DST (daylight saving time) in the UK was scuppered, as the now well-used ploy of time-wasting was used to ensure it was not even formally considered.

The cynical might ask why, since the present form of this proposal has been drafted in such as way as to make it virtually unsupportable anyway – and the recent revival of calls for a referendum on Scottish independence provided an opportunity for that to be thrown into the mix, together with the various lies that some Scottish politicians propagated some years ago (sorry, I thought the links to the news stories about these were in here, but they’re buried in the Forum), when there was a concerted bid to torpedo the same idea when the first trial was conducted some years ago.

You really don’t have to do anything to make this idea sink now – I doubt there would ever be enough support to pass the idea of moving the clocks forward an hour BOTH in summer AND winter, meaning that they will be TWO hours ahead of where they are today during winter.

I actually remember the original trial, and I have even worked in a job where we had to be at our desks for 6 am (no, you won’t find me shovelling stuff around a farm). Getting up at 5 am is not really difficult – the so-called ‘problem’ has more to do with breaking out of the conventional 9-to-5 mindset we are brainwashed into accepting as ‘normality’.

If they did actually want this bill to pass one day – which they clearly never do – then all they would propose is ending the current practice of putting the clocks back an hour in autumn.

I don’t actually care about the morning, going to work or whatever… it’s always dark in winter (even the NFU has realised this, and apparently no longer vehemently opposed the idea of a change). But the evening is a different matter (you can finish early, and have things like half-days to enjoy), and come the end of October, as an ‘inside’ worker, this means that one day I can be happy going home with at least a little daylight to be seen around 5 pm, but overnight, find that I have weeks when I will probably not see any daylight at all, unless I get a pass to go out during the day.

Anyway, with the daft version of the bill now all but dead, I’m just mentioning it now, since it may be some time before the opportunity presents itself again.

For what it’s worth, I’ve stuck a little poll at the foot of this post.

A bid to move the clocks forward by an hour all year round failed in the House of Commons after the legislation ran out of time.

The Daylight Saving Bill would have commissioned a detailed study into the costs and benefits of moving the clocks forward to Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour in the winter and two in the summer, followed by a possible three-year trial.

Despite UK Government support for the study, the proposal faced opposition from a determined group of MPs who believed the extra hour of darkness in the morning would cause problems, particularly in the north of the country.

Daylight savings bid fails to pass House of Commons

The focused opposition saw the Daylight Saving Bill fail to make progress after a series of votes on Friday. Delays in the voting lobbies saw some divisions take longer than normal.

At the Bill’s report stage, Tory Christopher Chope MP said “the Achilles heel” of the legislation was that “it enables the United Kingdom Government to change the time zone in Scotland without the consent of the Scottish Parliament”.

The Bill required the Government to “consult” Scottish and Welsh ministers and obtain the agreement of the Northern Irish first and deputy first ministers, but Mr Chope said that did not go far enough.

“We know that the Scottish Parliament and that MPs representing Scottish constituencies in this House do not support a change that would make winter mornings in Scotland even colder and darker than they are already,” he said.

via Daylight savings bid fails to pass House of Commons | Politics | STV News.


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