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Homes in Orkney may have high levels of radon gas

Radiation signAn interesting alert and some (very) good advice for those lucky enough to live in Orkney.

High levels of radon gas have been found in some homes in Orkney.

Residents are being advised on how to deal with the gas, which can cause health problems.

Naturally occurring radon gas cannot be seen, smelt or tasted and is thought to lead to more than 1000 deaths from lung cancer in the UK every year.

High levels of radon gas detected in Orkney homes

Radon is a particular problem in Orkney which has rocks rich in radioactive uranium, a source of the gas.

A recent test by the Health Protection Agency (HSA) found that hundreds of homes in the islands have radon levels well above the recommended amount.

Experts from the HSA and the Building Research Establishment have been running a series of roadshows in Orkney to give advice to local people.

via High levels of radon gas detected in Orkney homes | Aberdeen and North | STV News.

The way things ebb and flow with the various uses to which uranium can be put, and the similarly various political wranglings between the nations that have uranium deposits, this might be something that could be a nice little earner in the future, as that uranium might become economically viable one day, and the homes above it become worth a small fortune.

Unless it’s the Scottish Government that wants it one day of course, as opposed to an overseas investor. Then, like the properties that lay on land wanted for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, all you get is market value as a compulsory purchase order float through your letter-box.


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