Secret Scotland

If it's secret, and in Scotland…


If you read most of the media coverage the east end of Glasgow gets, chances are you will read about ill-health, short lifespan, and flooding due to neglected drains.

If you are watching a documentary, chances are it will be about rampaging gangs and endless street fights, forcing people to stay indoors after 6 pm.

Don’t believe all you see – when did a documentary maker ever make their name by reporting on happy people, or parks and gardens.

However, while wandering through one of those parks at the weekend, I was moved to wonder if there was new documentary subject on the way, intended to let the world know how thick residents of the east end of Glasgow are.

Lying by the side of one the paths I wander along was a log…

And some kind person had labelled it LOG, just in case some passing unfortunate didn’t realise what it was – well, it could easily be confused for a heavy-duty toothpick, couldn’t it? 🙂

Actually, I was quite pleased to see this oddity, as the place has been cleared over the past year, with little motivation for carrying a camera. Maybe 2011 will be better than 2012.

Much as I would like to have attributed this to some new initiative by Glasgow City Council, perhaps aimed at helping the local neds (maybe stopping them kicking the logs and hurting their poor wee feet if they did not know what they were), the reality is that Scottish Water is currently tearing up extensive sections of the nearby roads to renew buried fittings, and all the instructions for the diggers are sprayed on the road using blue paint



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