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No support reported for Bute’s midnight ferry proposal

car ferry red xIt looks as if the suggestion that the wee ferry to Bute might see a late extension to its running – Bute’s wee ferry crossing could be extended to midnight – won’t even go as far a trial.

The local paper (The Buteman) reports that the local community council has received no support, and goes on to quote the Bute Community Council chair as saying:

BCC chair Grace Strong told the meeting: “Everyone I’ve been speaking to about a midnight ferry says, without exception, ‘what a daft idea’.”

‘No support’ for Kyles ferry extension plan – Local Headlines – The Buteman

I see the point, but it also seems to mark a pattern of similar suggestions over the years, with various changes to the schedules having been tried, and rejected.

I often refer to the ‘CalMac’ bashers, and wonder if they are behind these suggestions, and have no real interest in improving the island’s ferry service, but merely keep up a stream of (daft) suggestions intended to provide them with an easy means of later criticising the sole ferry operator.

Whatever the reasons, there is now a possibly more balanced proposal from the community council, and that is of a year-round extension of the wee ferry’s schedule to 9 pm.

At the moment, the wee ferry only runs this late during the summer timetable, and to 8 pm in the winter timetable.

They also suggest later sailings by the big ferry (Rothesay to Wemyss Bay) on Fridays and Saturdays.

(Local memories tell that the latter has been tried with the Rothesay ferry before – despite noisy demands for this extension at the time, nobody used it, and it was dropped.)


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