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British Silly Time strikes again

Crazy clockFunny thing.

I had deliberately decided not to mention BST, but the arrival of evenings that mean I can walk to and from the shops in daylight – to be followed a few days later by the crazy shifting of the clocks to “make things lighter” is just too much to resist.

That said, apart from noting that we have been subject to this insanity again – and that the even more insane idea of applying ‘Double Summer Time” means that the possibility of something better being adopted – I really will say little more.


Other than…

I didn’t even know it was that day again, and only found out when I looked at some of my older clocks this morning. I never saw or heard any mention of the shift on the TV or similar. Don’t they bother making the effort any longer? Has digital TV, cell phones, and GPS (I’ll exclude SatNav, since users of this are generally too thick to know what the time is anyway) led to the end of anyone caring about ‘moving’ the clock?

Everything else, including my laptop and watch, had updated itself without me having to touch them.

The watch is the spookiest – it doesn’t need anything at all done to it for the next 25 years, doesn’t need any adjustment, and doesn’t need any batteries either. All I have to is strap it on whenever I want to have it with me, and it is always working and always right.

Do vote below, thanks.


A few weeks after this upsetting event for clocks around the land, it seems someone noticed that it also had an adverse effect on teenagers.

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather after reading that shocking surprise and revelation (aye, right).

These researchers must think we are mugs, and give them their research money just for turning up and having an idea.

Almost anyone who ever was a teenager, and can remember that far back, already knew this, and how the last thing you had in those days was a stable sleep cycle – EVEN if you tried!

Via: BBC News – Clock change could leave teenagers more sleepy

Always wish I could have landed a job where I got paid for stating the blindingly obvious (but never got that lucky) 🙂


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  1. None of the above, we should just stay on GMT all year and be done with it.

    If people want lighter evenings, get up earlier!


    Comment by Donald R Noble (@donaldrnoble) | March 25, 2012

  2. Doubt if that one would gain any mileage with RoSPA. The GMT only option doesn’t really work – which is why it is “None of the above”, deliberately.

    (But I’d maybe not bother too much, given it would eliminate the twice yearly fiasco. Maybe not on second thoughts, since I’m an owl. Morning light is no good to me.)

    And getting up earlier won’t make anybody’s evenings lighter. If it’s going to be dark by 16:30 in winter, getting up an hour or two earlier is not likely to change that, no matter how long they try it for. The only way to get lighter evenings is… to move the clocks.

    I suspect someone is a lark, and is in the same boat as my old boss.

    He used to walk around thinking he was the most virtuous employee in the company, because he regularly got up and came into work at 5 am.

    But he thought that anyone who started at normal time (07:30 then) and then worked an hour or two past finishing time was just a waster, and did not deserve any credit for working on to finish a job in hand.

    We had words many times, but I never got an explanation from him as to why 2 hours worked extra in the morning was rewarded with a ‘Gold Star’, while those prepared to work on for an hour or two at the end of the say were not only ignored, but chastised as if they had been partying all day (which they did not, as they were accountable on an hourly basis).


    Comment by Apollo | March 25, 2012

  3. How can I get that clock


    Comment by Chad | May 21, 2016

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