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Donald Trump stars in video

I didn’t realise it was a Spitting Image style puppet a first…

In November 2010 Queen guitarist, Brian May, gave his permission for a new version of Bohemian Rhapsody to highlight what he described as ‘a horrible example of bullying the defenceless by a rich man who apparently can buy anyone or anything he wants.’.


(If there’s no video below, then read here: Donald Trump video removed from YouTube – again – Top stories – to see how being a megalomaniac billionaire can have its advantages.)

Alternative source for Trump Bohemian Rhapsody video

One of the country’s best loved rock songs has been used in a Spitting Image-style spoof of Donald Trump and his Aberdeenshire golf resort.

The Tripping Up Trump campaign got permission from Queen guitarist Brian May to use rock anthem Bohemian Rhapsody for the video, now posted on YouTube.

The campaign group is using the comedy video to try to highlight their opposition to Mr Trump’s development at Menie Estate, which has sparked fury among environmentalists and some locals.

Creator, Hazel Buchan Cameron, said: “It needed to be something that everyone would look at and read and encourage them to find out more, even people who were not politically interested so that we could start a debate and get people asking questions.

Via Donald Trump features in Bohemian Rhapsody spoof video | Aberdeen and North | STV News

Donald Trump pledges millions to fight against wind turbines in Scotland

Trump has recently launched an attack on First Minister Alex Salmond, and Scotland’s policy on wind power:

But Mr Trump is not happy with the proposed development and claims it is the worst thing to ever happen to Scotland.

He said: “They are horrible looking structures. They make noise, they kill birds in their thousands, they are really destructive and I don’t care who the environmentalist is, they are not good.

“In the case of Scotland they are going crazy with trying to put them up all over the place and everyone’s going crazy trying to take them down. Some countries have totally given up with the turbines because the experience has been so bad.

“But Scotland has a group of leaders, one in particular, who is just foisting them on the people and it’s really, really sad. They want to build thousands of windmills in the waters that surround the most beautiful shoreline probably anywhere in the world. It has to be stopped.

“I actually made the statement that never before in the history of Scotland has a bigger disaster taken place.”

Via Donald Trump accuses Alex Salmond of ‘destroying’ Scotland’s coastline | Aberdeen and North | STV News

He has also announced at least £10 million to campaign against wind power:

US tycoon Donald Trump is to bankroll an anti-wind farm campaign in his fight against an offshore development near his luxury golf resort.

Mr Trump wrote to First Minister Alex Salmond earlier this month, telling him he seems “hell-bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline” with wind turbines.

A planning application for an 11-turbine European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre off Aberdeen Bay, near Mr Trump’s Menie resort, was submitted to Marine Scotland last summer. A decision is expected to be made later this year.
Donald Trump to bankroll anti-wind farm campaign

In the letter. Mr Trump said that he would never be “on board” with a project he described as “insanity”, adding: “With the reckless installation of these monsters, you will single-handedly have done more damage to Scotland than virtually any event in Scottish history.”

He said turbines are “ugly monstrosities” and “horrendous machines” and has halted work on his development until the decision is made by the Scottish Government.

Communities Against Turbines Scotland (Cats) contacted the Trump Organisation after the letter to Mr Salmond was published and they have now joined forces.

Via Donald Trump to bankroll anti-wind farm campaign | Aberdeen and North | STV News

A delusional American partnered with an anti-wind turbine agenda group.

You could not make this sort of thing up, and expect to be taken seriously – thank goodness I am merely reporting, and not creating.

Update – Trump’s word is as genuine as his hair

Reading through the news later in 2012, it seems that Donald Trump broke his pledge to provide “millions” to bankroll Communities Against Turbines Scotland (CATS).

It seems that using CATS no longer suited Trump, and he parted company from them – and took his money with him too.

Nice to see how reliable and trustworthy he is…

And I guess even an anti-wind turbine group has scruples, and didn’t want to be associated with a bare-faced lying madman.

They probably want to be taken seriously after he has gone.


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  1. Donald Trump has been dominating the headlines here in Scotland for days if not weeks. I believe his outburst on wind turbines is short-sighted and does not take account of the technological development process that made his own country so prosperous.

    Did George Stephenson listen to his critics in 1829 when they said his new Rocket steam locomotive was noisy, slow, visually obtrusive and inefficient? Another case of what I call ‘recessionary slumber’ in my blog.


    Comment by Brian C Pope | April 29, 2012

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