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Our hosting is… crap!

TurdFor what it’s worth, if you’ve come here in the hope of learning something useful, then I’m afraid I have to dash your hopes.

Our hosting service, which is actually handed real money to serve our pages to the world, is currently deserving of only one word to describe its service level – crap!

For what it’s worth, this currently appears to extend across all it services, and the Admin has no better access to the host, its control panel, or its company than you are probably experiencing with the Forum. There’s no way to get info about what is going on, or what, if anything, they are doing about it.

This all started a few weeks ago when they announced a move to new and improved servers, and since then there has been a steady decline.

They’ve never been the best, but they were reasonable – I just hope this is not a sign that they are about to fold, and are merely incompetent.

If you would like to see a graphical representation of the host’s performance, and how it has really declined recently, visit:

Pingdom Public Reports Overview for Secret Scotland


On a more positive note, you now have more time to look at lolcats.

Cats and water (includes the excellent ‘Kid falls in water while trying to drop cat in‘:


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