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Downtime day 2

Not at workIt looks as if the ‘improvements’ brought about by our hosts recent server move are on their way to providing us with a second day of downtime.

Although the total time offline is less, by 9 am today we had seen the site appear and disappear as many time as it did so during the whole of yesterday.

Things had appeared to improve early this morning, and we tried doing some of our own maintenance via ftp, but part way through this, things almost ground to a halt, but the work eventually completed correctly.

More worrying was a visit to the control panel for the host – eventually – where it was evident that the system backup icon was missing… again.

We have complained about this on a number of occasion to the host, but the tech team is usually very helpful, and always offer to provide any files etc if needed when the icon is absent. There is a reason for the icon not being present under certain conditions, as the backup is provided by a remote service, and provides an archive, rather than just the ability to copy the current contents. It actually works very well, and allows files to be restored quickly without arguing with various kinds of compressed backup file. But when the service is not available, then it has a rather obvious and major disadvantage.

I could try sending them griping messages, but in reality this is pointless.

Probably better to note the truism that there’s no sin in having problems, systems are going to have problems regardless of the best laid plans, but there is a major sin that can be avoided, and that’s the one of not keeping your customers informed.

A mass mailing only takes a moment to complete when the list of recipients is already available.


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