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Hosting nightmare – Day 2 continues

Big hammerJust when things had started to look ‘better’ – I should (and do, after many years of practice) know better.

Starting with the good news…

After seeing that the early hours of the morning had seen the service go up and down more times than it had done during the whole of the previous day, it almost remain up after that first observation of the day. It did actually keep appearing and disappearing, but these periods had become so sort that they did not trigger the alert services that messages me when the site goes down.

And the bad…

I wanted to embed a new kind of file in a post, and this require some modification to the Forum code. Reason being it does not allow just any old html to be inserted into a post, just those tags that the Admin manually allows.

This started out ok. The initial test posting showed that the new embed worked, but that a whole load of rubbish that included in the code had to be discarded, OR the permissions altered to allow them, and render them invisible.

And that’s when things went wrong!

I spent the next hour trying to figure what I had screwed up, as not only had the test embed I was working on suddenly stopped working (for no reason I could see since I was not actually making any changes, only reloading the post to see more clearly how it was formatting itself), but I noticed that all the links and urls already in the Forum had turned into plain text – and I knew I had not done that.

Short version of the hour-long story is that the Forum’s setting file was found to be misbehaving. Specifically, I currently cannot edit and save any boolean setting, but it’s not a simple problem of being denied the right to change the file – since I can change and save alphanumeric entries.

Much as I would like to go raise this with the host, prudent timing is probably wiser if I want to keep any hosting service working at all at the moment. And since this si clearly their ‘bad’, it might clear itself up as spontaneously as it appeared. I won’t hold my breath too long for this, as they have a history of screwing down user edit privileges very tight. This might help thwart hacking, but it can make life hell for legitimate editing.

Alternatively, as per the graphic above, it may just be that no-one has arrived with the right size of hammer yet, and a bigger one is needed!


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