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FYI II – SeSco might be just about stable

After the glum early morning fiddling experienced on Sunday, when everything at the host seemed to grind to a halt and things looked another disaster…

Everything seems to have come good all of a sudden – will it last?

There even seems to have been a positive aspect, as a particularly irritating bug that had crept into (and hidden itself quite well) was found and exterminated at the same time, so we were able to remover the access restrictions on the Forum since the Comment Spam was once again being killed at birth with near 100% success.

It would be nice if it was back to some sort of normality – a ratio of something like 6 hours ‘repair’ to 1 hour or less of actual posting would be nice to leave behind only as a painful memory.

(And for the information of any idiots reading this and thinking that bombarding me with emails offering me ‘better’ web hosting is a good idea, rest assured all that will happen is that you will be reported for spam here, and I will also insert your username, email address, and IP address into the comment spam killer database – which is now being used by forums throughout the web.)



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