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FYI – SeSco might be taken down for a while

I’m pretty patient for most of the – and even get criticised for being too tolerant.

But sometimes… I just get fed up trying.

After a few days stability, and no error being reported, I decided to restore the last of the missing Forum settings on Sunday morning.

Guess what – you don’t really have to though.

Around about the same time, the hosting service decided to start acting up, my alert service started sending messages that the host had failed, and the settings I was trying to save were trashed.

This was NOT a result of what I was doing, as a check of direct access of the files using FTP also failed, as did access to the host via the Admin’s control panel.

At the time of writing, I have no access via anything.

When I do get access, if I cannot get control fairly quickly, chances are I will just take the entire site down for a few day, just for some peace, and to stop carrying out an exercise in futility.

We have (or had)  been developing our own spam blocker, which was proving very effective, but have been frustrated for over a week now, as this problem stopped the final debugging of the code, and we can’t tell if the last few problems are down to something in the code, or having it trashed when the host fails while we are editing it.

No change to the Wiki for the moment, which is currently closed to casual access by the usual edit password anyway – but since it is on the same server, it goes offline at the same time as the Forum.



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