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Monday morning – business as usual

It’s almost not worthy of note, but why waste what is becoming a good habit.

At 08:45 this morning – a whole 10 minutes after I turned on that marvel of technology known as a personal computer, and even before I had time to eyeball the site…

An alert tumbled in telling me the site was down.


It’s done that once or twice over the weekend.

It comes back after the next 5-minute check cycle.


More than two hours have passed, and still nothing.

I would apologise… but then I’d be doing that on behalf of the host, and since I’m not the one bringing the site down. Well, you know the rest.

But, there is actually some good news, in relative terms at least.

The new service status page they recently created for us actually has something on it!

Apparently the current problem is a recurrence of last week’s issue (and in a way, that’s actually a good thing, since it means it’s not a different problem, even if it also means the fix was a failure.)

They say they stamped their feet very hard, and the hardware vendor immediately provided a team of engineers to the servers to carry out fault-finding and remedial work while the fault was actually present.

Should you be wondering why am so calm and reserved, and not jumping up and down and throwing a fit or having a tantrum. Well, while I am most certainly not happy, I also have to say “Been there. Done it”, since I did wear the hat of a company network administrator for a time, and contrary to the belief of some, you don’t actually WANT to spend your days having people shout abuse at you while you stare at servers that are not working, and will not tell you why they are not working.

And there was more than one occasion when I “Downed tools” and stormed out leaving the scene for some caffeine, with  and a “Well, YOU fix it if you’re so damned clever” echoing in my wake.

More later, if any updates are posted.

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