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Michelin Dundee factory tours in 2012

Michelin early poster

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Michelin has announced the offer of free factory tours to mark the 40th anniversary of the company’s presence in Dundee.

I was always a little disappointed that my old boss never managed to get any work there, as tyre factories are quite interesting, and he had managed to land us regular work in places such as India of Inchinnan, and Uniroyal. India was the most fun, as the place was just about abandoned, but still producing some specialist tyres on its old lines. Anyone with an interest in electronics history could see equipment there that had been long ago been upgraded from valves to solid-state decades earlier in more modern factories.

My guess is we got the work because out engineers were interested in electronics, so had knowledge of the outdated systems still being used in the Inchinnan factory, and could nurse them along for another few years. But it was also weird working in there. Usually, factories in production are busy, and there are lots of bodies wandering around. But in India, all you saw was lines of machinery left to work almost on their own – and people only popped up at odd occasions where processes were either not automated, or could not be carried out by machines. This meant that most of the materials were processes and produced on lines where no-one appeared unless there was a problem of some sort, and you only met someone if you had to walk through the final assembly area, where the various layers and plies were laid by hand, as there were no machines able to do this work. After this, the assembled tyre were passed to ‘bombs’, where they were cooked at high pressure and temperature to form the tread and cure, or vulcanise, the rubber.


The tour is “The Story of a Tyre” and is being offered on Saturday September 22, and Sunday September 23, 2012. Starting times aer 10:00, 11:00, 13:00, and 14:00.

The venue is the Michelin Dundee factory, Baldovie Road, Dundee DD4 8UQ
Be careful though. They warn: “We’ll provide you with all the necessary safety wear, but please wear flat shoes (no sandals). No cameras or mobile phones.”

Current full details and booking information on the official Michelin site here:

Michelin Dundee Factory Tour | MICHELIN


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