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Creative Mackintosh Festival 2012

One of the sad things about fame is that it can be hijacked.

This happened, for example, in the 1980s, when classic cars became the plaything of the yuppy, boosting their value way over its real figure as they tried to show who had the biggest wallet – until the bubble burst. That ended up being both good and bad, as the prices meant the ordinary hobbyist was priced out of the market for a time, but also that a number of cars that would have been lost were actually rescued, and survived.

A similar thing has happened to Charles Rennie Mackintosh. A few enlightened people always admired his work (but not that many while he was still alive), then he became popular as his distinctive style became popular with those who wanted to be seen as rich and ‘kewl’.

Again, a mixture of good and bad, this has led to the preservation of work that might otherwise have been lost, but has seen the price head skyward, and a degree of contempt and increased hostility by those who consider his work to be worthless.

Elements of his work are quite distinctive, and have been stolen by others with less talent, and led to the rise of stylised copies known disparagingly as ‘Mockintosh’. Some might be better described as forgeries, as they come with a price approaching the original, but might as well be made of toffee.

But, that may be the price of fame, unfortunately.

Creative Mackintosh Festival 2012

Mackintosh festival

The festival runs from October 15 to October 28, 2012, at various venues throughout Glasgow.

Festival organiser Susan Garnsworthy said:

“Mackintosh and his fellow Glasgow artists helped to take art and architecture into the modern era and were crucial figures in the explosion of creativity that characterises the early part of the 20th century.

“We decided, a century on, that we should showcase their work and honour their contribution by encouraging everyone to unleash their own creativity.”

The festival includes a display of models depicting Mackintosh buildings that were designed but never built, and ha the title Unbuilt Mackintosh.

There will also be a series of guided walks around the city, which will feature a number of architectural highlights.

Further and fuller details may be found on the web site of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society:

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society


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