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Maintenance break

Work tea coffee breakI have to admit to getting little done in the Wiki this week, as the weather took a turn for the better and I have (or rather had) a load of soil and tree roots to deal with before the weather turns cold, wet, and nasty. I’ve also learned how easy life becomes at the start of the next year if gardens and paths are clean and tidy before autumn and winter do their stuff. Even though I though the place was… reasonably… tidy, I quickly filled two full size wheelie bins, and had enough to fill another two before they were emptied. I thought I would have been hard pressed to fill one when I started.

It turned out to be a handy break from the Wiki, as the mapping was something that was irritating me, even though it works fine as far as the outside world’s view may be, I know that the workings are far from neat and tidy. They’re also based on obsolete coding, so are possibly on borrowed time.

Good news arrived in the change-log for the system, as someone has come up with a new version of the map code which is based on the old version. While it is only in beta at the moment, it simplifies much of the existing code and functions offered (and possibly loses a few too, but there is no detailed documentation yet, although I reckon I could add these back, if they are not added later as it develops), and brings the mapping up to date in terms of the map APIs it uses.

This means I can put this one the back-burner for a while (since someone else is kindly doing the word – open-source code has advantages as well as certain disadvantages), and start to look at the more obscure potential hiccups that might be lying in wait to cause problems.

I had added a new function during the week – it shows a summary of the changes to a page while it is being previewed (normally, this summary can only be displayed after the page has been saved) – but it proved to be incompatible with another option than add highlight to the change summary to make the changes easy to spot. The latter is more important, as some Wiki pages are very long, making edits hard to spot and check. Unfortunately, the creator of the ‘Preview While Editing’ addition was not amenable to making it compatible with existing function, so I’ve had to drop it.


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