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Preview-while-edit returns

PreviewStill managing to make the odd moment to fiddle with Wiki’s workings, although the change to pleasant weather meant some unplanned hours wasted away in the garden – it’s amazing how the time passes when trying to scrape a layer of moss infested earth away for disposal, while not collecting so much earth along with it that the wheelie bin become too heavy to move. I’d happily fill it regardless (I used to fill with stuff that made it a ‘two-man-drag’), but recently decided discretion was advisable after reading something about bin men refusing to move heavy wheelie bins in case they hurt their poor wee backs, and that there was an imaginary Health and Safety rule that some council Jobsworth had invented in order to enforce this. Of course, there isn’t, and the real Health & Safety Executive would disown such little lickspittles if they were ever compelled to ‘Prove It!’ and tried using the HSE as backup.

The new ‘Preview while editing’ option I mentioned in the last post has now been installed.

After some investigation, it transpired that the new function was simply not compatible with an older add-on that I had in place to highlight edits, and which marked words that were edited or deleted when changes were made to content. I had an old version because the most recent one seemed to clash with something else. However, that went in a couple of years ago, and changes to the Wiki core have rendered it obsolete, and no longer needed. Removing it allowed the now Preview-while-editing add-on to be included (or it did, once I had tracked down and removed the later tweaks I had added to enhance it, as the were also no longer needed, and started to cause problems after it was removed.)

This change suggests it might also be a good idea to go through the configuration file that sets up the Wiki. Initially only about 100 lines (and most of that unused), it grown to over 700. A lot is comment (for later reference), but some items were only included for evaluation, but were never thrown out after proving to be less than useful. The config is actually quite a bit larger than even this, as it spilt across two files, with the second only kicking in when specific area are accessed, but it needs to be checked too.


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