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Sort of bad news for the Forum

Long-term members of the Forum may recall occasional announcements of the demise of the code behind it.

This arises from the dropping of the project by the chap that wrote it and owns the copyright. While he has not dropped it completely, he no longer supports or updates it, or provides any revisions.

Since then, it has carried on thanks to the support of volunteers familiar with the language it was written in, and who were also familiar with its structure and operation.

The last of those offered his apologies, and announced that he was giving up as there had been no support from the original writer, and it was now too old to keep propped up, since alternatives offered more features now, and these were expected by users.

This has no real short or long-term implications for our use, which is fairly basic, but it does mean that there may come a day when some functional change in browser operation, or the deprecation of the programming language leads to the loss of a necessary function – in which case we lose the Forum as there is (currently) no way two write the code around that.

So long as there is no major failure, the existing forum can just carry on.

However, it does look as if a longer term change might be needed if no-one takes up any aspect of of the incumbent.

This would not be particularly good news – most of the popular alternatives are easy to hack (or at least this is what I am told), and unless I sit and manually port over the data by writing my own conversion routines, the existing data/posts in the Forum would have to be left behind. We’d end up with two forums, and archive, and a live system (where new posts would be made.)

It’s odd, as I have not really found another free (it has to be free) forum that does what the existing one does, and this seems to be common to other users who have gone looking, which is why we have stuck with it for so long, despite the lack of updates or modernisation.

Hopefully, there will not be another posting about this any time soon, unless something fails irretrievably, but I thought it worth mentioning now, lest I have to jump in and do something ‘quickly’ in response to some unforeseen problem.


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