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Patience loss leads to closure of Forum online registrations


Closed signOne of the things I don’t usually run out of is patience, and often get criticised for persevering with things that other people with more sense would have given up long long before I would.

In this case, I’ve tried to live with the arrival of ‘comment spammer’ to the Forum, but their latest escalation of attacks has reached the stage where tolerating them is no longer productive.

Formerly, their automated bots could be repelled by various systems (captcha or recaptcha was generally effective), but now the low wages in the Far East have allowed them include humans in the loop, and people read the various systems presented to catch automated registrations, and solve the puzzles and views for them. Tests have shown that these now have so many people earning a few pennies for being ready to read and solve these tests when a bell rings on their PC, that the challenges can be solved almost as fast as they are presented.

Although the Forum is automatically bouncing hundreds of such attacks every day (we have a service that checks every user name, email, and IP that attempts to register against a database of known spammers), new ones are being created all the time, and these still get through and have to be dealt with manually, and passed on to the main database.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, but instead of the tide turning, it just seems to be getting higher, and I have got fed up dealing with the daily updates.

For the time being (and I have no idea when this will end) registration in the Forum will only be possible by emailing the Admin and asking, and any stupid attempts will be summarily dumped.

Out of interest, when the check system was added to the Forum, the database had 30 million entries. At the time of writing, that had grown to 31 million.


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