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Good weather slows the pace of change

Ball and chainI seem to have myself chained into the habit of a weekly update since things quietened down, which is maybe no bad thing.

As with weekly or monthly reports to the boss at work, the habit can keep the mind focussed since it sets little milestones that can be referred to later.

So far, it has helped bring some of the Wiki code up to date, and resolve a conflict in the script – but I’m no nearer addressing the mapping revisions than when I suggested it was needed.

The Forum remains an enigma. Having gone almost completely dead, it has recently jumped into life with some relevant content.

However, it seems that the problem is Facebook and other social media attracting people away from what I am informed is now considered to be an ‘old’ format.

That’s unfortunate, since I have been playing around with the artwork for a “Proudly NOT on Facebook” badge/button for the site – SeSco will never be on Facebook, or on any social media. (I don’t count Twitter. 140 characters is handy for a note, but you only have to look at the cretins who try to use it to write whole articles, and you see it is not really any sort of media.)

Mentioning the Forum, I was saddened to have to step in and moderate a thread due to repeated infringement of one of the Forum’s guiding rules. (Details will not be repeated here.) I had tried to drop subtle hints at the problem, and guide the content away from the offending material rather than take moderating action, but this option failed, and a repeat appearance of the material simply had to be stood on, otherwise there would be no point in having the rule.

I really try to avoid moderation as it nearly always seems to upset those concerned, so I deliberately avoided any action as a result, merely pointing out the reason for all to see. It’s probably also worth noting that those who do get upset at merely being asked to follow the rules… generally don’t remain members (usually their choice rather than mine). Good members don’t have a problem, and usually acknowledge the rule or guidance that was involved.

I have to admit to enjoying the first week of turning off automatic online forum registration, as it meant not jumping to check every email that arrived quickly, lest it be be a comment spammer to be deleted. I had wondered if any of them would be stupid enough to try and register by sending the Admin an email. The answer came quickly, and the best one was a Scotland-loving Frenchman living in Germany who desperately wanted to register – who must have thought the Admin buttoned up the back. ‘He’ didn’t even give a real email address. No surprise, since scum is brainless.

I had intended to start posting more material in this Blog, but the continued good weather (and the need to dig holes to get to burst/leaking pipes) has eaten up most of my spare time, so I really only get a chance to play when checking in on the Forum, so most stuff still ends up there. It’s quicker than blogging.

However, I have accumulated loads of material that could be Blogged rather than posted in the Forum, so will be trying to get myself into a different mode of working – especially since we are moving into the long, cold, dark nights, and I should have the time to play at slightly more involved writing.


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