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Ten years of The Enchanted Forest

I had never even heard of The Enchanted Forest until last year, and by then it was nine years old!

That just goes to show what can happen if you drop out of circulation from your usual haunts, and never get back to them.

I was certainly too preoccupied with my own problems when it started, otherwise I would have been there at a moment’s notice, this being the sort of event I like to see for various reasons, and also because I have (or had) a technical interest in what could be done. That said, I imagine their hardware has changed immensely from that first show ten years ago. I know that the market in home automation equipment – which is similar to what they should be using to provide these shows – has changed massively in the same time, with most of the hardware used back then being little more than obsolete junk today. If you can even find someone selling it.

I’ve yet to make to one of these shows (well, that’s no surprise since I’ve really only come across it), and this year will probably be no exception given my present rate of progress regarding getting anything done, but the videos look good, as does the venue, so I rather hope it does not fall into the trap of becoming TOO popular, and finding that its very success wastes the moment for those who do visit, as the place is simply crowded out by the increasing numbers.

I used to drop in on Blackpool’s illuminations around this time of year (a long time ago) and while I was lucky enough not to actually have to drive from Glasgow to Blackpool to actually make the visit – I was generally able to merely make a detour as a regular business trip down south meant I was passing when the illuminations were underway – there was a downside. After turning off the M6 and heading for Blackpool, you had to be prepared to sit in a near-static queue of traffic for hours, as it gradually made its way to the promenade and the lights.

We eventually found the best way to deal with this was to arrive later rather than earlier. With luck, you only got caught in the tail-end of the queue, and by the time you had passed along the front once, when you came back in the opposite direction, most of the crowd had gone and you could actually stop and get out for a proper look.

Fingers crossed that success does not lead to problems within The Enchanted Forest. It might be worth noting that they are seeking record numbers to attend since this is the tenth anniversary, and would like 30,000 there between October 5 and 27, 2012.

See also: The Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry marks 10 years and Enchanted Forest in Perthshire marks 10 years

Full details of the show, location, times, and ticket prices can be found on its own web site:

The Enchanted Forest, Scotland’s Award Winning Sound & Light Show


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