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Sound advice to save a hidden cat

There’s not much to add to this – it’s sound advice.

You really don’t want to be visiting the vet for help to extract a body after something like has happened.


It was only a matter of some two weeks until we had a story that could have been averted by following the advice given above.

It seems that a van driver picked up an announced passenger while working somewhere in the area of London Road in Edinburgh.

He only discovered he was not alone after noticing a burning smell… and then finding the cat when he stopped and took a look under the bonnet.

While the cat – named Penelope by the Scottish SPCA – had suffered burnt pads and fur as a result of her journey, she was also found to have a broken jaw and cut under her chin, together with a missing tooth, suggesting she may have suffered a fall and then crawled into the van’s engine compartment for shelter and warmth.

The good news is that she was treated for these injuries, and was described as “Doing well.”

Described as a very friendly and good natured cat, ‘Penelope’ was probably a house-cat and has owners who are wondering what has happened to her.

In the hope of finding her owners, the SPCA released the two pics below:

Penelope, Scottish SPCA pic

Penelope, Scottish SPCA pic

Penelope rescued from van engine

Penelope, Scottish SPCA pic

It seems that there have been a few of these in the past (but not local, like this one)…

Kitten rescued from engine ordeal

Cat stuck in engine for 30 miles

Cat-in-engine fire crew get award

American update

The original trigger for this post was clearly American (yet to see a British version), and it seems the cats have not been reading the poster, or if they have, they’re still being cats… and ignoring anything said to them.

When Harrisburg, Pa. resident Damon Walton tried to start his Volkswagen Jetta for his daily drive to work the other day, he wondered why the car was running so rough. It turns out that there was a cat somewhere inside the front of his car. So he kicked the side of the car and assumed the cat ran away.
Only it hadn’t…

Cat has eight lives left – KSN TV, Kansas News and Weather


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