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Hamish McHamish of St Andrews

I almost missed the amazing story of Hamish McHamish of St Andrews.

As you can see from the recent pic below, Hamish is a fluffy ginger cat whose looks do not betray an age of at least 13 years – and that’s no youngster in cat years. In fact, he’d be around 68 years old if he was human. Our little rescue cat made it to 14 (72), which means the vet’s first estimate of her age was pretty close, but she’d never have made if she’d ever  been left to fend for herself, unlike the independent Hamish.

His story almost seems to have been manufactured to reinforce the saying that “Dogs have masters, cats have slaves”, as we are told he walked out on owner Marianne Baird, and has roamed the streets of St Andrews ever since, surviving on hand-outs from students and shopkeepers in the town. However, it seems the independent life doesn’t mean escaping those regular trips to the vet, as Ms Baird still catches up with him once a year to make sure he gets a regular check up. So it’s not really a surprise he looks so good, even if he’s no a pampered indoor cat.

It seems there’s an unwritten rule in St Andrews, and that if Hamish turns up on your doorstep, you let him in. I could live with that, but St Andrews is cracking on for some 90 miles from me, so the chances are slim to none. Maybe just as well, as I have two or three sporadic furry visitors, and they don’t like strangers on their patch – although they do tolerate one another. They just have staring contests.

Hamish McHamish by .Ines
Hamish McHamish, a photo by .Ines on Flickr.

If you’re not a resident of St Andrews, and you’re like me and won’t touch anything Facebook with a disinfected barge pole, then you can still enjoy reading about Hamish as a book has just been published telling his story. It includes pics all the way back to when he was a kitten, collected from around the town by writer Susan McMullan, cat lover and resident of St Andrews.

Hamish McHamish, Cool Cat About Town tells the story of Hamish from when he was a kitten and features images of him around the town.

Hamish McHamish book

He really does have a Facebook page, but that’s all I can tell you since I block all things Facebook. You’ll have to track that down for yourself.

Via: Book published about famous St Andrews town cat Hamish McHamish | Dundee & Tayside | News | STV


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