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The swimming farmer (wisely) doesn’t swim any more

Cow cartoonThe story of the crofter who regularly swims his cattle from Skye for grazing each year caught my eye a while ago, and the story seemed to spread quite quickly as interest grew.

He’s no youngster, and his work is impressive, and a report from STV tells us he has just made the trip again, and wisely stays out of the Scottish water. Like the mountains, it’s cold, and would come as a freezing shock to the unwary – as a number of visitors have found out, sometimes with tragic consequences if they badly underestimate Scotland’s weather extremes.

His 19 cows took around 15 minutes to swim approximately 100 metres from Skye to nearby Staffin island, where they will graze for three months.

Mr Macdonald, 80, first swam the cows over to the island in 1950, and used to swim with them himself.

However the crofter, who lives on Skye, now accompanies them by boat.

Via: Farmer swims cows to their island grazing ground for the winter | Highlands & Islands | News | STV

There’s now a slide-show of pics taken showing the farmer and cattle making the crossing:

In pictures: Skye crofter’s swimming cattle


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