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Poppyscotland 2012

The mention of the poppy appeal has become something of an annual reminder in SeSco, and I had thought I had managed to get it into my head and mention it sooner rather than later, but this year has seen it slip again, as my attention was diverted.

However, the almost belated mention comes not from my somewhat dubious memory and its ability to forget the obvious, but due to current events, and some pondering about how to mention them.


Last year, as I made the Poppy post, I was pleased to observe that there had not been (to my knowledge at the time) any thefts relating to collection boxes. Sadly, that is not the case this year, and I noted one such incident reported in Scotland, so this scum is still moving amongst us:

Police in Dunfermline have described as ‘despicable’ the thieves who stole a charity collection tin from a leisure centre.

The fundraising can was collecting donations for the Scottish Poppy Appeal ahead of Remembrance Day.

The tin was taken from the front counter of the Dell Farquharson Centre on Dunfermline’s Nethertown Broad Street at around 2.20pm on Saturday.

Fife Police want to talk to two men who were seen at the centre shortly before the theft was discovered, one of whom was described as white, around 30 years of age, with short brown hair, and wearing a navy puffed-style jacket.

Inspector Thomas Barratt described the theft as “particularly despicable” given the causes which the Poppy Appeal supports.

Via: Scottish Poppy Appeal collection tin stolen in ‘despicable’ theft | News | Edinburgh | STV

Next, an apparent increase in the incidence of vandalism to memorials seems to be apparent in the media, with the most recent in Inverness, only days before Remembrance Sunday:

VANDALISM to a war memorial, just days before Remembrance Sunday, has been branded as “unforgivable” by the city leader.

Police are appealing for information after a section of the sandstone memorial in Cavell Gardens, which faces the River Ness, was targeted.

Words including ‘aim’ and what appears to be the name ‘Julia Mia’ have been etched onto the sandstone memorial.

“This is a disgrace, said Ian Brown, the city leader.

“I am appalled at this a deliberate action, in the run up to the weekend of Remembrance. It is unforgivable. I would urge anyone with information about the perpetrators to contact the Police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Via: Inverness Courier | News | Inverness war memorial vandalised

And finally… there has to be mention of the apparent increase in thefts from memorials, specifically the plaques carrying the names of the fallen, or events leading to their deaths. These are generally made of non-ferrous metals which provide a good return for the thieves, since they pay nothing for what they steal. However, the cost is high in terms of distress for relatives, and councils/taxpayers, who have to foot the bill for repairing and restoring memorials damaged as the metal plaques and fixings are torn from without any consideration, causing damage many times the value of the metal removed.

Again, this seems to have become a growing problems within which one has to include unscrupulous scrap metal dealers, since it should be fairly obvious that the plaques and similar are not legitimate scrap. Yet they will apparently happily hand over a few pound for the metal, choosing to ignore its appearance, or what it engraved on it.

The Scottish Government proposed changes to the rules for scrap metal trading, removing the option of cash-in-hand payments in casual transactions, but there does not appear to have been any further mention of this by the media, so I am not aware if this is progressing, or has stalled for some reason.

Perhaps there will be something different to mention in a year’s time.


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