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The face of disgust, Jose Paulo Da Silveri

There may be some occasions where a bit of publicity or protest is order…

Remembrance Day events are clearly NOT one such occasions.

The as-yet unnamed creep, and coward, picture below decided it would be a good idea to hide his face and skateboard through the events being held to mark Remembrance Day in Bristol.

Hidden by his mask and wearing horns, he was described as being dressed in a pink frilly corset and striped stocking.

After he gatecrashed the march through the town, police tackled him as members of the crowd shouted their disgust at him.

He tried to get away, but was outnumbered. A witness said he put up a lot of resistance and they had to use quite some force to restrain him, and that people were shouting “rip his head off”.

After being arrested on suspicion of an offence, Avon and Somerset officer stood guard around him, as a number of people from the crowd were threatening to attack him.

Guess he was lucky they did not have to leave him… as they went for a tea-break.

Later, Jose Paulo Da Silveria, 38, was charged under the Public Order Act, police said.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokeswoman said: ‘Police arrested a 38-year-old man at the Remembrance Sunday service in Bristol city centre.

‘He was taken into custody.

Jose Paulo Da Silveria has been charged under the Public Order Act and will appear at Bristol

Magistrates’ Court on December 4.’

As he was bundled into a police car yesterday, officers had to forcefully remove several males who approached him and shouted obscenities and ‘death’s too good for you’.

The face of disgust

The face of disgust, Jose Paulo Da Silveri – pic from Daily Mail as per original copyright

Via: Has he no respect? Disgraceful moment man dressed as devil gatecrashed Remembrance Day service on a skateboard | Mail Online


Skateboarding devil in tutu charged with disrupting Remembrance Day march

Remembrance Day: Skateboarding ‘devil’ arrested by police after gatecrashing parade – Mirror Online

Poppy Burning has also become an issue

See this story which appeared around the same time, and has raised similar emotions, especially after earlier poppy burning events:

‘Free speech’ row after man is ARRESTED for posting image of a burning Poppy on his Facebook page on Remembrance Sunday – Capitalbay Information Portal

A teenager who drunkenly posted a picture of himself burning a poppy on Facebook was in police custody last night.

Officers arrested Linford House after they received a complaint about the image that was published in the early hours of Remembrance Sunday.

When police called at his parents’ home that evening, the 19-year-old had already taken down the image on a friend’s advice..

A man, named locally as Linford House (pictured right), 19, was arrested yesterday after the image (left) appeared online. The words on the right image have been written on by a third party, who posted it online

It showed a cigarette lighter with a flame catching light to the bottom of a poppy, allegedly with the words: ‘How about that you squadey [sic] ****s’.

The student was questioned by detectives for several hours yesterday afternoon and last night he was still in custody facing a second night behind bars.


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