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2013 – a new year and a new plan

I don’t know if I am superstitious or not, at least not to the extent of personally avoiding 13… but I do find it something to be wary of, not because of any superstitions on my part, but the completely practical aspect of keeping out of the way of the idiots who do, and cause problems where none exist. So I think I will spend the next 364 with eyes in the back of my head, and keeping a safe distance away from everybody.

Worpress did its usual ‘Inspirational’ round of appeals recently, suggesting folk try for a Blog-a-Day, or something similar, and I thought this might be something worth trying, even if it meant tenuous links to the Blog title. But then again, depending on how you read it, it can be interpreted in fairly broad terms.

I’d like to try and pick up pics from my area, but to be honest, between camera problem and a lack of subjects that are actually interesting or even mildly photogenic, this could be difficult, but if I can dig up anything that looks interesting, or has some sort of historic or eye-catching quality, I might give it a try.

I noticed quite a few of the media sources thought that the ‘Loony Dookers’ (also Loony Dook: Hundreds make a splash as Hogmanay clean-up continues) were worth a mention as they braved what the thought was the cold, but the reality was that they were really only braving the warm.

For proper bravery in the cold, you have to look towards Siberia, and what the kids there do on a daily basis: Like ducks to water in the snow – keeping kids healthy Siberian style.

(And I thought I was doing well after doing away with the gas for central heating a few years ago, when the price started to escalate!)


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