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Don’t forget to change the kitty litter

I wondered how far into the year of 2013 we’d get before I weakened and posted something cat related (and there will inevitably be cat tales in this blog) – I suppose resisting until January 3 is pretty good.

Something a bit offbeat, and a bit of an advisory in this case, and maybe one good reason for not forgetting to keep the kitty litter fresh – you never quite know what might happen if those toxins build up inside Fluffy ‘cos the smell’s so bad she won’t use the litter tray:

You might have to use the original link below the embedded video if it refuses to run – it’s better seen in full-screen HD anyway.

CATZILLA from Platige Image on Vimeo.

And since we’ve managed to get onto the subject of cats…

Am I alone in finding that the following piece of hardware make me think of a how a cat behaves?

I’m sure the addition of a some fur, a little imagination to the box design, and a prosthetic paw added to the actuator would soon have a believable Cat in the Box toy that would make the inventor millions!

It’s just like trying to get the little demon into a carrier to go to the vet – while you’re busy get one end into the box… the other end is already coming out the same door!


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