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Christmas 2012 aftermath

The miserable weather we ‘enjoyed’ post Christmas 2012 – very wet and very windy (snow and frost are actually preferable to almost constant sogginess) – led me to believe I had missed any chance of collecting a ‘sad’ picture of the season, usually found near the homes (and bins) of homes with children who had unceremoniously dumped their rejects from the previous year, or parents had decided they were wealthy enough to treat their Christmas decorations as disposable items.

By the time things dried up and I ventured out again, I thought there was no chance of finding anything to fill this category, since the bin men had carried out at least two rounds.

But then again… maybe not.

Although it was dark, I was lucky enough to spot one such discarded item in a garden, while out for walk.

A little too far for a descent flash shot, the shot was still good enough to fill this category for at least one more year.

I don’t know who or what the character represented by this particular – and possible one favourite – stuffed toy might be, but now it lies face down in dirt, and looks as if it was unceremoniously thrown from the front door of the home concerned, presumably after a new favourite arrived on Christmas Day.

Loyalty and devotion… don’t you love ’em?

Christmas 2012


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