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Maybe lost phones should just stay lost

No cell phone

I may stop being ‘nice’, and just leave any lost mobile phones I come across to stay lost, or be ruined.

Last year, while walking across a field and watching where I out my feet, I almost stood on a smart phone lying in the grass. I stuck it in my pocket, and soon began to regret the move after it started to ring… I couldn’t answer it as the screen and buttons all appear to be locked, demanding a ‘password’. Later,  a message declared that the phone itself was locked.

Unfortunately, I was just at the start of a 4-hour walk, and despite locking it, the owner insisted on ringing the thing every 5-minutes. Fortunately, I had a scarf to wrap it in, and shut it up with since I couldn’t find a power switch or battery to pull out – or I might have ‘lost’ it again. The endless ringing did begin to become a major irritation.

Worse still was due when I tried to get rid of it in the local polis station next day, as they wanted all my personal details – while all I wanted to do was drop it off and tell them where it was found, and eventually I just wished them goodbye and walked out.

I made the mistake of finding another one a few nights ago, this time in the darkness of the local main street.

Curiosity made me go back for a second look after passing it – sure enough, a black phone with a full keyboard below the screen was lying in the gutter, and was going to be crushed by the next car that parked there.

I was loaded with shopping, but managed to free a hand to pick it up. I knew I could get rid of it quickly this time, as I was only a few steps from the door of our local police station

I didn’t get the chance.

Out of the darkness a nippy wee sweetie of a young woman appeared declaring “That’s mah phone… Ah just droaped it” and almost knocked me over as she swiped it from my hand and didn’t even stop to say “Thank you”. She did say it… she just didn’t stop or even look at me as she almost knocked me and my shopping over as she steamrollered past.

Just to be awkward, I’d almost decided to hold on to it and take them both into the cop shop, and leave them to deal with it, but I was carrying too much and just didn’t have time to play. It had to be hers, as there was no way to see it, or what I was picking up from the gutter, as the nearest streetlight had failed – which was why I’d had to go back for a second look – a black phone in a black puddle is almost invisible. You never know, lying in a puddle might have ruined it anyway.

Maybe I’ll just step on the next one instead of avoiding it, or just leave it lying where it fell, and watch it being trashed.

Less hassle.


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