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Neil Gaiman’s The Price – The original animatic

The weekend seems like a good time to have a cat related posting, and this impressive animatic was produced by Christopher Salmon, and was enough to convince Neil Gaiman to grant him the rights to create a 3D CG animated film of his remarkable short story, “The Price.”

I have to be honest, and say that I suspect the final version might not be as good as this sampler, which has a style and atmosphere all of its own thanks to the non-continuous animation.

Here’s looking forward to that final version, though I think the you’ll find the 15 minutes or so that this fable of good-vs-evil takes is some of the best entertainment you’ll see for a while, nor will you notice the time passing… until it has passed :

Neil Gaiman’s The Price – An Animated film by Christopher Salmon | Made By Fans, For Fans

The Price – The Original Animatic from Christopher Salmon on Vimeo.

(My apologies if you are insulted by a noisy interfering ad delivered below this video, I’m told one does appear, but not by my doing – I have this sort of rubbish blocked by my browser and never see such things, unfortunately this does not protect you. Use Adblock Plus – it does actually work.)


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