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House of Sher goes into administration

Having just mentioned Hurry Bros, I see that another of my past haunts is now in administration – The House of Sher.

I’d no idea how long it had been around, but according to the news, it had been there for almost thirty years.

This is, or was, a fairly massive Cash & Carry set within a multi-storey building on Wallace Street in the city’s Tradeston area, and I introduced to it in the 1990s, when few of us were setting up a business and could not afford to employ trades such as painters, decorators, and electricians, meaning we had to all the work ourselves to get our premises into some sort of order, and that included getting on out bikes and buying the supplies too.

None of us had been inside House of Sher before, but we were impressed, both by the range of stock and their prices, which included DIY equipment and fancy goods, plus a lot more.

It was always worth a visit, with the proviso that you were going to break through their minimum spend level, fail to do that, and 10% was added to your bill, wiping out any saving, so it wasn’t the place to go for a single tin of paint or a light bulb, unless you were buying in bulk.

According to the administrators,  online competition and the economic downturn had hit the business hard, together with historic issues regarding property transactions and legal actions.

I hadn’t been there for some time, and now it looks as if I won’t be.

Spotted here: Glasgow cash and carry House of Sher in administration

I think I have older pics on film from few years back, so might have to try to go grab some digital pics of my own later, just to be complete.

House of Sher

House of Sher © Stephen Sweeney on Geograph


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