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Braxie mutton best for haggis

Counting sheep

An interesting old story from days gone by, and a recommendation that haggis be made from braxie (braxy) mutton.

However… the standard quick check around the web suggests one might not be quite so keen to follow tradition if the mutton truly is braxy, rather than just collected from a sheep that collapsed and died:

Braxy is an inflammatory disease in the abomasal lining of sheep caused by the bacterium Clostridium septicum (aka Bacillus septicus).

The following appears to have been published originally in The Times of 1936, thereby dating the recommendation contained to 1906, when we were happier to eat… anything? And worries about eating diseased meat were somewhat less than they are today:

Braxie mutton haggis

Braxie mutton haggis – 1936 – The Times


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  1. 50years ago in Aberdeenshire as a kid on many of the crofts round about braxie mutton was considered the tastiest mutton around and I ate it not infrequently .I made the mistake of telling my mother what I had for lunch one day and she went ballistic but then she was a ‘townie’.


    Comment by Les Forbes | December 25, 2013

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