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2013 Monte Carlo Rally starts from Glasgow’s People’s Palace

Glasgow Monte Carlo Rally

I lost my original note of the planned start of the Monte Carlo Rally from Glasgow’s People’s Palace, but it was mentioned in the news the day before, so I was reminded that the start would be on Saturday, January 26th.

I had given up any idea of taking a walk along to catch some of event, as it had been a raining constantly through the night, but changed my mind by lunchtime as things became much drier, and even a touch warmer. Notably, we’ve been spared any of the snow that has landed elsewhere.

By the time I arrived, there was still almost two hour’s worth of cars left to be released (the total entry was around 40 participating cars which will cover the whole route, with another 60 to be seen as they participate in supporting events), and things were reasonably quiet by then.

In Pictures: Start of Monte Carlo Classic Rally

Monte Carlo Rally sets off from Glasgow | Galleries | News | STV

Seems I didn’t actually arrive as late as I thought (takes me a couple of hours to get there), as the BBC reported the cars only started to leave at 2 pm, and if their figure of 15,000 spectators at the event is accurate, the I’d have to say a lot of them had drifted away by then.

Monte Carlo Classic Rally starts in Glasgow

Thousands watch start of Monte Carlo Classic Rally in Glasgow | News | Glasgow | STV

I reckon most of them were in the twin queues I saw in the Winter Gardens (behind the People’s Palace) – waiting to get to the café… or the toilets.

I generally avoid trying to get pics at these events, either the pros are in the way, or you waste time trying to get to the front and avoid photographing the backs of heads, instead of cars – although one nice lady did offer me her place at the front of the barrier, but I prefer to walk around nowadays.

However, I did snap a couple, just to prove I was there:

Monte Carlo Porsche 911

Monte Carlo Porsche 924

There can be more to see in places where spectators park, and in this case a very tidy Sunbeam Tiger V8 was found:

Sunbeam Tiger at Monte 2013

Sunbeam Tiger

Unfortunately, this was the only interesting car found lying around the side streets. A tiny Riley went past at one point, but wasn’t seen again.

I did have one stroke of luck, as I hadn’t spotted anyone handing out the souvenir programmes for the day, and it would have been nice to have had one after making the effort to walk there. Then, as I walked past the guys clearing up, one of the guys asked me if I had one, and produced one when when I said “No”. So, I didn’t go home empty handed after all.

The Hancock connection

Don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I did notice that Tony Hancock’s series Hancock’s Half Hour featured the comedian running in the Monte Carlo Rally.

The episode started with him lost, and unable to find Glasgow – until he met a Scotsman with a terrible memory, magically cured for a few seconds at a time as Hancock crossed his palm with silver… repeatedly, to keep the directions coming.

Look for Series 1, Episode 12, The Monte Carlo Rally – if my info’s correct


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