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Mystery tubes spotted in Tollcross and Parkhead

So far, I have failed miserably to dig up any information or discover even a hint regarding the purpose of the small clear plastic tubes with open bottoms and rubber caps sealing  their tops, as shown in the pics below.

I found the one shown in detail in the first pic near Killin Street, having been fitted to a lamppost using a cable tie and stand-off. However, the cable tie had been overtightened and failed, allowing the parts to fall to the ground. I’ve taken the pics against a well-known background, to give an idea of the scale of the item.

It’s worth noting that the rubber cap is fitted to the TOP of this small piece of clear plastic tube, and I have not made a mistake about this – two examples of these tubes “In the wild” can be seen below.

I had wondered if these were part of some survey or sampling exercise that had been carried out long ago, and these tubes had been abandoned once whatever they contained or collected had been recovered – but the fact that the broken was replaces soon after I noted its cable tie had snapped suggests that whatever purpose they serve is still valid, and they are use… for whatever they are used for.

Mystery tube

Mystery tube and holder in detail

The new tube that was strapped to the lamppost shortly after the cable tie snapped on the original item:

Mystery tube

Mystery tube near Killin St

Wider view, just to give an idea of the height these are mounted at. You need a ladder if you are going to play with them:

Mystery tube

Mystery tube on lamppost near Killin St and Tollcross Rd

I only pass Parkhead Cross in the dark at the moment, so the current pic of the one seen there had to be taken by flash:

Mystery tube

Mystery tube on flats near Parkhead Cross

I’m sure I’ve seen one or two of these elsewhere, but they were not on my usual meandering path, and their locations have long gone from my memory, but I will be keeping an eye out for them, and add more if I do come across them…

Or if anyone cares to send me pics of tubes (like these plastic ones, not the typical eejit seen on our streets), I’ll be happy to add them with their location.


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