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Burrell museum building granted category A listed status

Coming just days after the collection made it into the news following the suggestion that Sir William Burrell’s bequest terms of ‘No transport for fear of damage’  be set aside at the behest of Glasgow City Council, and that the collection be sent on a world tour while repairs are carried out to the museum building, comes news of the building itself being granted category A listed building status.

The grant was made by Historic Scotland as the building reached its 30th birthday on the basis that it represents a masterpiece example of design from the 1970’s – the museum was completed and opened within the setting of the city’s Pollok Country Park in 1983, at a cost of some £16.5 million, and followed a 13 year path for its design and build.

The Burrell Collection housed within (literally, since some parts are architectural features incorporated into the fabric of the building) now attracts some 200,000 visitors every year, and comprises a collection of some 8,000 objects of art,  paintings, and pieces of furniture which shipping magnate Sir William Burrell amassed over the years, and left to the care of the city of Glasgow after his death – with a number of conditions to be met. These included the provision of a suitable home for the artefacts, with a protective environment which would guard them from the horrendous pollution which then covered the city in Burrell’s time. The coal-fired industrial revolution was then completely unregulated, and both the city and the land were slowly turning black under a pall of soot which was pouring forth endlessly from all the chimneys and steam engines driving the Victorian industrial revolution. Burrell wanted his treasure protected from that black poison. And there was also the aforementioned restriction on allowing the exhibits to travel, as he feared such journeys would lead to the items being damaged while in transit.

Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs Fiona Hyslop said:

The Burrell Collection is one of Glasgow and Scotland’s most impressive buildings of its period. This is a fantastic building that not only houses the internationally renowned collection of art and antiquities from across the world but is itself a masterpiece of structural design.

Category A status is the highest level of architectural protection given to buildings, and makes up about 8% of 47,600 listings in Scotland. It is awarded to buildings which Historic Scotland determine have “national or international importance, either architectural or historic.

Via Glasgow’s Burrell Collection becomes listed building

Further information: Burrell Collection

Burrell building

Burrell Collection, Pollok Park, Glasgow © Iain Thompson via Geograph


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