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The Cognoscenti aims Classic Car events at the luxury end of the market

Classic Car tails

While I used to be able to attend many of the Classic Car events that took place around Scotland until a few years ago (and even managed to clock up a few as a participant), it looks like I would not have been able to go to any of The Cognoscenti‘s events, had they been around at the time.

Deliberately branded as a luxury group, you have to meet the following criteria:

Eligibility: The Cognoscenti events are open only to cars that meet the following criteria: Exotic sporting or luxury cars from a prestige marque, of a model in production on or before the 1st January 1973. (Pre-1973 cars from mainstream marques but with a particularly significant/interesting history may also be accepted on application).

I could manage the pre-1973 requirement easily, and probably talk my way past the other restrictions too, since I own a car which now has only two examples I am aware of remaining in Scotland (I’m not telling though, since I don’t give any details online), but even if I qualified, from attending some events as a participant when I drove a ‘prestige’ sports car marque, the bills for the hotels were crippling, so I knew I was living out of my class. But it was fun.

VisitScotland has caught on to this, and is promoting it as a tourist attraction, and given the group held an inaugural event at Billy Connolly’s Candacraig House in Aberdeenshire last year, where cars in attendance were valued at more than £15 million (see, I told you they were out of my league), it looks as if the supporting events could be a nice little earner.

Minister for Tourism Fergus Ewing added: “It is encouraging to see owners holding these popular events in Scotland providing a boost to our tourism industry in the process.”

Via New invitation-only luxury car events ‘to boost tourism’

Classic Restorations of Alyth

Possibly more interesting to anyone with a Classic that is not on the road, and finds they do not have the time to get it running, is the mention for Classic Restorations (Scotland) Ltd.

They have tied in with Cognoscenti to look after the cars attending their events.

Oddly enough, despite being able to say I have been involved with cars in Scotland for ‘decades’, and attended dozens of Vintage, Veteran, and Classic car events over those years, I had never heard of them before this. Regrettably, all I can admit to is having known a number of restorers around the Glasgow area over the period, but have seen them all slowly disappear over the years. These days, I tend to find garages and workshops that are trying to do such work, but not as experts in the field, rather just through their day-to-day skills in repairing cars in general. I often get odd looks whenever I start to peer into the back corners of workshops and similar premises I find while out wandering the streets, as it can be quite a surprise to find an E-type or similar sitting on the ramps, out of the way where it can be worked on when some spare time is available.

The odd surprise can appear too, such a small worship in the corner of Dalmarnock, where I found a small race car being completed. Sadly, that was a year or two ago, and when I passed the same door last week and popped my head in, there was the same car still sitting in the same place. Apparently untouched, the only good sign was that it appeared to clean, and did not appear to have been left to gather dust and dirt. One day, I might even ask about it… but don’t want to end up buying it!

Back to Classic Restorations, which we are told was formed 26 years ago by classic car enthusiast Charles Palmer, and has grown to employ 18 people and is able completes about 10 full restorations each year. It boasts and impressive client list too, with customers not only in the UK, but the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Via Classic car restoration firm teams up with Cognoscenti


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